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Are breath test readings accurate?

If you have ever been pulled over by Michigan law enforcement on suspicion of drinking and driving, you may have been asked to take a roadside breath test. These devices are used to determine drivers’ blood alcohol content level and whether it is over the legal limit of 0.08 percent. The problem lies in the fact that, when compared to an actual blood test, the blood alcohol results obtained from breath test devices can have significant variances. In fact, the State University of New York at Potsdam reported that BAC level readings from a breath test device can be as much as 15 percent different than those obtained from an actual blood test. As many as 23 percent of people tested could have inflated results. This is enough to wrongfully arrest and convict you of a DUI.

New law would lower DUI standard level in Michigan

In Michigan, the current DUI standard is .08, but some lawmakers are looking to lower that to encourage drunk drivers to think twice before getting behind the wheel. If the bill passes, it will make Michigan the country’s second state to have a limit as low as .05. According to the lawmaker introducing the bills, the evidence and research supports the idea that the roads are safer when the legal limits are lower.

How alcohol consumption increases risks of drowning

If you are planning to take your boat out on the water, you might want to think twice about indulging in alcoholic drinks. Not only can intoxication impair your ability to navigate your boat off the shores of Michigan, but it increases the risk of drowning. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, one in five boating deaths results from alcohol and 70 percent of drowning deaths during water recreation activities involve alcohol as a factor.

What happens when you’re arrested for drunk driving?

Receiving a drunk driving charge in Michigan is no laughing matter. The process can be complex, and in some cases you may find yourself paying exorbitant legal costs and fines as a result of your transgression. Very Well Mind explains what occurs after a DUI, from the initial arrest to the probationary period.

What can I do to drink responsibly during the holidays?

If you plan on attending a holiday celebration in Michigan, chances are alcohol will be involved. Knowing who to drink responsibly is crucial in this case, both for yourself and other party-goers.  Drinking and driving can get you in trouble with the law and it can also lead to a devastating accident. In this case, the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility offers the following advice.

What happens if I refuse the breathalyzer test?

Drivers in Michigan who are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence will more than likely be asked to take a breathalyzer test. While you have the right to refuse the test, it is important to understand there are penalties for saying no. These need to be taken into consideration when weighing the benefits and risks of the test.

How are alcohol addictions treated?

If you’ve recently been charged with drunk driving in Michigan, you probably have a lot on your mind. One thing you may be concerned about is whether you have an addiction to alcohol and how to seek treatment if so. WebMD explains the different treatment options that will be available to you if you decide to seek professional help.

Boating while intoxicated carries the same penalty as DUI

With a huge freshwater coastline, five Great Lakes and several thousand inland lakes, Michigan is a boater’s dream. Labor Day is a chance for friends to get together and families to have reunions. It may be one of the last chances of the season for everyone to hit the water on power boats, pontoons and jet skis. At Vandervoort, Christ & Fisher, P.C., we know that imbibing during celebrations on the water can result in serious injury.

Is drunk driving a felony?

The laws in Michigan set a variety of consequences for those who a court finds guilty of driving while intoxicated. If you were convicted, you might find yourself branded as a felon. However, this is not typically the case. Most DWI charges are not felonies.

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