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Is parallel parenting right for me?

Parents in Michigan who’ve recently undergone a divorce may be interested in co-parenting. However, this technique might not work for people in high-conflict relationships, as it can cause a great deal of stress for both parents as well as kids. Parallel parenting is an alternative in this case, which can keep conflict to a minimum while also ensuring kids are well cared for. Psychology Today explains parallel parenting so you can determine whether it’s right for you.

Are there different types of custody?

These days, divorcing couples in Michigan have a lot more options than just sole and joint custody. In fact, there are numerous terms regarding child custody matters and understanding them is the key to getting the custody and visitation arrangement that works best for your family. explains the different types of custody and what each one entails.

Tips to Prepare For Your Child Custody Hearing

For divorcing couples in Michigan, the child custody hearing can be one of the more difficult aspects. Being prepared is crucial in this case, as it can make the difference in important custody decisions that can have a lasting impact on your entire family. offers the following tips so you can rest assured that you’re well-prepared for your day in court.

Parents' courage leads to healthier post-divorce kids

Most divorced spouses want what is best for their kids, so they would do anything in their power to help their children adjust to life after the split. Research shows this attitude benefits the youngest members of families and helps Michigan's sons and daughters grow up to be healthier adults. 

How Is Child Custody Determined?

If you’re facing a divorce in Michigan, you’re most likely concerned about how child custody is determined. In fact, the courts will look at many different factors when deciding custody, from the relationship with each parent to any special educational or medical needs. offers the following insight on how custody decisions are typically made.

What Does the Court Consider When Deciding Custody?

Child custody battles are often the most difficult aspects of navigating a divorce. In this case, it’s helpful for Michigan parents to be aware of the factors commonly used to decide custody during divorce cases. The Spruce explains some things a judge will look at to determine whether custody should be awarded jointly or solely.

How Are Child Custody Decisions Made?

Determining child custody is one of the toughest decisions people will have to make during their divorces. For all custody cases, the best interests of the children at the center of the case will factor heavily, as illustrated by The Spruce. While parents may differ on how exactly custody should be handled, courts usually consider the following when making a decision.

Father fighting for custody case to be decided in Japan

Child custody cases in Battle Creek can become extremely complex, particularly when the issue of jurisdiction is in doubt. Acrimony may exist between the couples working through them, which may prompt one side to attempt to change the circumstances of such cases to their favor. Fleeing to a different jurisdiction may certainly qualify as an example of this, as those who choose to do so may believe that the different statutes and standards enforced there will be beneficial to their causes. Yet in such cases, it is not uncommon for the court officials from their home jurisdictions to continue to assert their authority to decide the outcomes. 

What kinds of custody should we consider when splitting up?

The fact that you both are giving consideration to how you may both agree to custody in Michigan is a great start. As you likely know, as parents, you can come to an agreement and unless unreasonable or not in your child’s best interests, there is a good chance the judge will sign off on it. So then, what kind of custody arrangements should you be reviewing?

My son wants to live with my ex, can I stop this?

If you currently have custody in Michigan, your child’s preference does not automatically mean you must comply with that preference. You need not turn your son’s residence over to the other parent based on his wants. Rather, the other parent would file a petition with the court, asking for a change in custody based on your son’s stated preference.

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