New law would lower DUI standard level in Michigan

In Michigan, the current DUI standard is .08, but some lawmakers are looking to lower that to encourage drunk drivers to think twice before getting behind the wheel. If the bill passes, it will make Michigan the country’s second state to have a limit as low as .05. According to the lawmaker introducing the bills, the evidence and research supports the idea that the roads are safer when the legal limits are lower.

According to WSBT22, the bill includes two proposals. One would add an interlocking device to the vehicle of anyone who has been convicted of drunk driving after their first time. As of right now, the interlocking device is only added when a driver is super drunk driving, which means they had a blood alcohol level of .17 or higher. The second proposal would lower the legal limit in the state from .08 to .05.

Because the blood alcohol level is based on the height, weight and amount of food a person has eaten when they drink, the impact will be different from person to person. According to one family physician, even one drink can slow the attention or coordination of the driver and decrease response times, leading to increased danger on the roads.

The lawmaker hopes that the bill will change the thinking around drunk driving, and that drivers will decide not to drive at all after drinking, rather than weighing how many drinks they can have before they are legally drunk. The legislation is new and will go for testimony before the state’s judiciary committee next.

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