Do you want a fresh start this New Year by getting a divorce?

The end of the year and the beginning of the new one are always a time for personal reflection and planning. Regardless of what occurred for you and your family in 2018, you likely have hopes and dreams for a better 2019.

For some people, plans for the future may include developing a weight loss regimen or committing to paying off their credit card debt. For others, the New Year can bring a desire for a fresh start, which may mean that divorce is in your future. The holiday season is full of stress, and it can highlight exactly how unhealthy your relationship with your spouse has become.

Whether there were constant fights or just simmering resentment between the two of you, the holidays can really make it clear that your marriage is no longer a healthy and positive force in your life. If you know that your marriage is no longer benefiting you or your spouse, it may be time to think about filing for a divorce in the new year.

Divorce filings increase significantly in January

Very few people want to go into the holiday season explaining that they are about to end their marriage. Filing for divorce in November or December can be quite awkward, in no small part because of the number of family and business get-togethers. There is also the impact a pre-holiday divorce announcement could have on your children.

Most people who are not in an unsafe environment, such as one that involves dangerous drug use or abuse, find that waiting until the holidays are over is often the best approach to ending a marriage. Many people also start planning for their best life as the new year approaches. As a result, there are a significant number of divorces filed every year in January across the United States.

You need to start planning long before you file

Telling your spouse that you want a divorce is apt to bring out the worst in them. They may do any number of underhanded things, from deleting critical computer files to giving away assets to diminish your marital estate. Even if you don't intend to file until after the end of the holiday season, you can still take time during the month of December to start planning the exit from your marriage.

Obtaining copies, either physical or digital, of important medical and financial records is a good first move. You may also want to document your physical possessions and assets, to help ensure that you can create an accurate asset and debt inventory to present to the courts.

Finally, you should start planning for how you want to approach custody matters with your ex. Your children will likely struggle with your decision to divorce at first, but you will have to find a way to work with your spouse to take care of your kids. In many cases, divorce will offer you a fresh start in the new year to pursue your passions and live your best life.

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