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Will your estate be taxed?

The common belief amongst many in Battle Creek may be that the government will always find a way to take its bite out of your assets and property. That assumption likely extends to your estate; why else would there be an estate tax? Yet rather than questioning why there is an estate tax, a better question may be whether or not your estate will actually owe it. 

Seasonal affective disorder and the end of marriage

After years of marriage, deciding to call the union off can be overwhelming for anyone, especially for those who have seasonal affective disorder and other hardships to work through. Unfortunately, some people may feel as if they are trapped or unable to take action due to the emotional difficulties they are facing as a result of SAD. If you have SAD and are planning on filing for divorce or believe that this disorder has left you in a more vulnerable position, it is essential to take a thorough look at your options and do what you can to keep the disorder from creating additional challenges in life. Sometimes, ending a marriage is not only necessary, but empowering and helpful for those who need to move forward with their lives.

What is parental alienation?

If you experience a divorce in Michigan with minor children in the home, you likely have a myriad of logistical and emotional issues to work through with your kids. However, their emotional trauma could become significantly more severe if your former spouse attempts to cut you off from your children. According to Psychology Today, parental alienation is an intentional, and often malicious, attempt of one parent to demonize the other in front of the children in order to undermine their relationship.

How should you approach the issue of a prenup?

If you have found that special someone that you are ready to tie the knot with in Battle Creek, then right now your thoughts are probably occupied on all of the joy and happiness you anticipate sharing together. The suggestion of thinking about protecting yourself financially may be the last thing you want to consider. Yet there may be several circumstances that should be prompting you to consider a prenuptial agreement. You may be involved in a business that you do not want your future spouse to become tied to. You may have children from a previous marriage that you wish to retain assets for. Whatever the reason, whenever you bring significant assets into a marriage, signing a prenuptial agreement may always be a good idea. 

Successful co-parenting through conflict

The high stress and tense emotions of divorce have a lasting impact. The process often brings out negative emotions and complicates and already damaged relationship. Divorce ends a marriage, but when both spouses have children, it doesn’t end the relationship.

Facts to know about boating under the influence

Michigan boaters don't always remember how important boating sober is for their safety -- and for avoiding arrest. Numerous boating accidents happen every year because a boat captain got too drunk to pilot his or her watercraft. Also, every year many boaters get arrested for serious boating under the influence (BUI) charges.

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