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Can divorce impact my health?

As an active member of the military you’re probably concerned about maintaining optimum health. After all, the U.S. military requires its members be physically fit as well as emotionally health in order to perform duties to the best of their ability. Divorce can have an impact on your emotions, but it can also affect your physical health in a number of ways. Prevention explains the health impact divorce can have and what you can do to mitigate these issues.

Changes in Weight

Are there different types of custody?

These days, divorcing couples in Michigan have a lot more options than just sole and joint custody. In fact, there are numerous terms regarding child custody matters and understanding them is the key to getting the custody and visitation arrangement that works best for your family. explains the different types of custody and what each one entails.

Legal vs. Physical Custody

Before you sign that business contract — read this

Are you about to take your fledgling company to the next level and take on a business partner? Or maybe you found the perfect site from which to ply your trade.

Either way, it's quite likely that you will need to sign a contract. Before putting pen to paper, however, there are things that you must first understand.

Understanding different business valuation methods

Many in Battle Creek might wonder why they are expected to divide a portion of their personal business assets with their soon-to-be ex-spouses (especially if he or she already owned the business prior to the marriage). In many cases, such holding would be considered separate property. However, according to Section 552.401 of Michigan's Compiled Laws, a non-owner spouse may entitled to a portion of the other's separate property if he or she contributed to its acquisition, improvement or accumulation. 

When business assets are subject to property division, questions may arise concerning their valuation. Placing a value on business assets is often done by an independent financial professional, yet those involved in the process should understand the different valuation methods used. These include: 

  • Book value: Determining the current value of assets minus depreciation
  • Market value: Determining what an outside investor might pay for a business
  • Going concern: Determining the value of business continuing to operate in the foreseeable future

Is drunk driving a felony?

The laws in Michigan set a variety of consequences for those who a court finds guilty of driving while intoxicated. If you were convicted, you might find yourself branded as a felon. However, this is not typically the case. Most DWI charges are not felonies.

While strict, the law in Michigan is not unyielding when it comes to DWI offenses. After all, as you know, alcohol impairs judgment considerably. Furthermore, even if you were not operating a vehicle while intoxicated or with an impairment, you could possibly end up charged with one of these offenses due to a variety of factors. For example, you could be the target of an inappropriate police action. 

How can I stay connect when I'm deployed?

One of the toughest sacrifices you make as a military member in Michigan is being away from your family when you are deployed. This is especially difficult if you are divorced. When you were married, your spouse may have helped you to stay connected to your kids. That may not happen now. However, there are several things you can do to ensure you can stay in contact with your kids.

According to the Child Mind Institute, long-distance parenting is not easy. Even the best relationships can suffer, but if you make an effort, you can keep communication open and ensure your kids know you are there for them. It starts with making sure they understand what is going on and that you will come back. You should also work with your ex-partner to develop a schedule for calls. You can also set up emails and talk through them.

What are some common mistakes made while estate planning?

Proper estate planning not only ensures your final wishes are carried out, it also saves your family a great deal of stress after you’re gone.  That’s why avoiding common blunders is so crucial, which requires going into the process fully informed. In order to ensure you have what you need to plan for assets after you’re gone, Kiplinger offers the following advice.

Not Using a Trust

Tips to Prepare For Your Child Custody Hearing

For divorcing couples in Michigan, the child custody hearing can be one of the more difficult aspects. Being prepared is crucial in this case, as it can make the difference in important custody decisions that can have a lasting impact on your entire family. offers the following tips so you can rest assured that you’re well-prepared for your day in court.

Make Sure You Have the Right Documents

DWI charges over the Fourth of July

Being charged with drunk driving can be tough regardless of the time of year. However, there are certain occasions which can be particularly challenging for people to work through. For example, someone who is pulled over and charged with this offense over the Fourth of July may find their holiday (and entire summer) shattered as a result of the allegations. There are a number of reasons why some people are more likely to drive drunk during this holiday and it is important to be mindful if you plan on celebrating at a family party or establishment where you might consume alcohol.

Sometimes, people forget that they drank alcohol before getting behind the wheel. For example, people celebrating with friends and loved ones may be so excited and have such a great time that they take to the road, even if they only drive a short distance, while their BAC level is over the legal limit. Another reason people may drive drunk during the holiday without realizing it is that they consumed a mixed drink and did not know that the alcohol content was so high. Unfortunately, this excuse will not protect someone from the consequences of DWI charges.

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