Q&A: Are All Attorneys The Same?

Are all attorneys the same?

There are more than 70 different types of law, and most attorneys will actively practice a few of these. When you need legal advice, you want an attorney with experience handling matters similar to yours.

Is the attorney you choose qualified?

You can choose from many attorneys. Some of them may be very good choices for your matter; others may not. Selecting attorneys or law firms at random, without verifying their credentials or reputation, is a RISK you should not take!

How do I select an attorney?

Check with your family, friends and neighbors. Ask the attorney how many similar cases he/she has handled and what were the results. Ask if there are other qualified attorneys in the firm.

Should you select us?

Maybe. We've served many people and businesses since our inception in 1943. Our reputation has helped us to become one of the largest firms in the area. We would like to serve you if we can. YOUR JUDGMENT OF US IS OUR REPUTATION!