Comprehensive Representation Of Family Law Issues

At Vandervoort, Christ & Fisher, P.C., our divorce and family law attorneys have provided skilled divorce and family law services to the Battle Creek area for more than 70 years. Our team approach to the practice of law benefits our family law clients. Our lawyers work together in matters such as the tax implications of divorce, criminal issues such as domestic violence, or the sale of real estate to conclude a property settlement. Contact a Battle Creek divorce lawyer at Vandervoort, Christ & Fisher, P.C. You can be certain that we will represent you fairly and with dedication to your best interests.

We provide comprehensive representation in all matters related to divorce. Our services include those listed here.

  • Child custody arrangements, including joint legal and joint physical custody
  • Modification of court orders, such as support orders, visitation orders, and custody orders
  • Changes of residence of one or both parents
  • Parenting time/visitation
  • Holiday schedules
  • Visitation disputes
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Division of marital property, including complex or substantial assets
  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs)
  • Child support
  • Enforcement of orders, including contempt actions in matters of unpaid support or denial of visitation
  • High-asset and other complex divorce issues

In addition to helping people through a divorce, our family law attorneys provide services in other areas. These include paternity — our attorneys have become skilled at working with DNA testing. We arrange for private adoptions, including stepparent adoptions, and secure consent for termination of parental rights from the birth parent. We undertake annulments, prenuptial agreements, separate maintenance agreements, and name changes.

Although we litigate unresolved issues when needed, we also try to arrive at an amicable resolution whenever possible. We take advantage of state-required alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, including mediation. Because of our concern for the well-being of any children involved, we encourage the parties to resolve disputes around visitation and custody with ADR techniques.

Contact an experienced divorce and family law attorney for any matter related to divorce, adoption, custody or support. We can help you through this difficult time in your life.