Knowledgeable Assistance With Powers Of Attorney And Living Wills

When people think about estate planning, they typically think about wills, trusts and other documents designed to distribute their assets upon death. While estate planning certainly fulfills these goals, it can also provide a measure of security to you and your family during your life.

Powers Of Attorney (POA)

Through a power of attorney, you can designate an individual to make financial or medical decisions in the event that you are incapacitated, or otherwise unable to make key decisions for yourself. Since a Durable Power of Attorney document continues in effect in the event that you become incapacitated, it offers a significant source of protection to you and your family. People use a general Durable Power of Attorney to designate an individual who will make decisions about their financial affairs.

Health Care Power Of Attorney | Medical Directive | Living Will |Designation Of Patient Advocate

If you are unable to communicate your health care choices to a doctor due to injury or illness, a Health Care Power of Attorney or Medical Directive may be helpful. The state of Michigan allows for the creation of a Health Care Power of Attorney document that designates an individual who will make key health care decisions in the event that you are unable to communicate your wishes.

A medical directive (sometimes called a living will), is a bit different from a Health Care Power of Attorney in that it does not designate an individual who makes your health care decisions. Instead, the medical directive clearly communicates your wishes to doctors and other health care professionals in the event you are unable to communicate your wishes. The medical directive may communicate your wishes about life-support in the event you are in a vegetative state and may communicate your preference about other life-sustaining assistance that can often be the subject of conflict amongst family members in the event that your wishes are not made clear.

If You Do Not Plan Ahead

If you should be injured in an accident, suffer a sudden onset of dementia, or otherwise become incapacitated prior to properly executing a power of attorney document or medical directive, your family may be required to initiate a guardianship proceeding or conservatorship proceeding in Probate Court, which could be expensive. Planning ahead now could save your family a tremendous amount of money, stress and acrimony in the future.

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